//Interview with smiling and penitent maniac causes outrage in Russia

Interview with smiling and penitent maniac causes outrage in Russia

The Public Collegium on Press Complaints will look into the notorious interview, which journalist and socialite Ksenia Sobchak had with Viktor Mokhov, a rapist and kidnapper, known in Russia as the “Skopin maniac.” The collegium will look into the question to decide whether the journalist violated professional ethics, the members of the collegium told the Vedomosti newspaper.
On March 31, Sobchak was notified of the official complaint that was filed against her interview with the criminal. According to Mikhail Fedotov, the co-chairman of the board, the journalist will have to explain the motives and circumstances that moved her to make the interview with the rapist. A linguistic examination of the interview will also be carried out.
Based on the results of the investigation, the collegium may formulate a new regulation that will be included in the standards of professional journalistic ethics. It is not a legally binding document.