//Never settle at where you are to gain more earning power

Never settle at where you are to gain more earning power

Whether you’re young in your career – fresh out of college and working your first real job – or you’re in your prime earning years and making a pretty healthy salary, you should always be looking ahead to think about how you can increase your earning power. And while no two career paths are the same, there are some proven strategies and principles you can leverage to enhance your future prospects.
Earning power is your ability to make money. It’s the chance you have to generate money based on your job prospects, connections, salary, and other immediate opportunities. Your earning power isn’t necessarily the amount of money you’re making right now – it’s what you could make in the near future.
Someone who is working as a cook in a fast food restaurant doesn’t have much earning power where they are. If, however, that same person goes to culinary school at night after getting off his shift, he’s in the process of increasing his earning power. (He’s now putting himself in a position to work at a nicer restaurant with better pay.)