//Roscosmos chief deletes his disgraceful Perseverance memes

Roscosmos chief deletes his disgraceful Perseverance memes

Dmitry Rogozin , the head of the Russian Space Corporation Roscosmos deleted his memes that he posted on social media reacting to NASA’s successful mission to Mars. Dmitry Rogozin posted his scathing jokes on his Twitter and Telegram pages. To create one of the images, Rogozin used the first black and white image from Mars that NASA receive from Perseverance rover. Rogozin’s face superimposed on the photo of the surface of Mars is seen peeking into the camera of the Martian rover. The caption to the picture says: “The first thing the Americans saw on Mars.”
In another post, Rogozin posted a picture of a group of Martians holding up banners “Mars for Martians” and “Yankees, go home!”
The head of Roscosmos faced criticism for his posts on social media as many called his publications “the lowest of all jokes” that disgrace the cosmonautics.The US rover successfully landed on Mars on Friday night and a few minutes later took the first picture of the Red Planet. The Kremlin and Roscosmos congratulated NASA on the successful landing. NASA experts plan to use the rover to find traces of life on Mars in distant past. The rover will work before 2026, when another rover will pick it up.