//The world on the edge of cyber chaos

The world on the edge of cyber chaos

All the stories about insidious Russian hackers, controlled from the Kremlin, have long become a reason for the political establishment of the United States and the European Union to intimidate people. Indeed, why not resort to those Russian hackers to convince everyone of the need to impose even more sanctions on Russia? No wonder that the West persistently wants to ignore all of Russia’s initiatives to establish international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity.
Russian hackers everywhere

The fantasy plot about the intervention of Russian GRU officers in the 2016 American elections has not faded out since the time, when the “Kremlin agent”, former US President Donald Trump, suddenly found himself closely watched by Special Prosecutor Mueller. Hollywood can’t even hold a candle to Washington’s propaganda machine that continuously fabricates sequels about Russian hackers. Most recently, Russian special services were accused of hacking the SolarWinds software, that is used by many authoritative public institutions and non-governmental organizations of the United States, including the State Department, the Treasury, the Justice Department, etc.
The American side found this hacker attack to be not an ordinary act of espionage, but an act of recklessness that triggered serious technical vulnerability of both the United States and the whole world. Sergei Naryshkin, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, denied the accusations. According to Naryshkin, “it would be flattering” for him to hear reports that his service was able to organize a hacker attack that affected nine federal agencies in the United States at a time.