This Russian Blonde’s Hair Comes Down to One “Magic” Product—and These Swiss Vitamins

Russian It girl Olga Karput has long been a street style favorite, thanks to a boundless wardrobe that comes courtesy of her cool concept store, KM20. But take away the Gosha Rubchinskiy hoodies, the fresh-from-the-runway Valentino dresses, and the knee-high Chanel boots, and you’re left with an equally Instagrammable image: her ice-blonde hair, which is quite literally a beacon on Moscow’s sidewalks.

Karput, with her sky-high apple cheeks and luminescent skin, boasts a wavy peroxide blonde bob of almost angelic lightness—and has since the tender age of 14. “It was the trend at the time!” writes Karput, who is naturally dark blonde, “so why not?” If it looks like a total laissez-faire operation from afar—her bright blonde lengths are typically bound in a low messy bun—it’s not. The arctic hue calls for constant coloring every three weeks, she says, and no one else can do the job except her native country’s favorite celebrity hairstylist, Alexander Zavodikin.

“If you decide to become a bright blonde, it opens a whole new chapter in your life, but it requires constant care—you have to always think of ways to make your hair better and stronger,” she says. To keep it healthy, complete with that blinding glow, Karput uses Olaplex Bond Perfector No. 2 because “it’s magic! I use it as a mask for night before washing my hair, so it feels soft and hydrated,” she says. “It’s like efficient drugs for the hair.” In addition, she washes every three days with products from the same line, specifically Bond Maintenance Shampoo No. 4 and Bond Maintenance Conditioner No. 5.

And because fading or a “yellowing” is a constant struggle, Karput has a plan for that, too: Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Treatment, which “adds a noble, cool pearl shade to my hair.” As for that perfect wavy texture? Karput nourishes with Davines Oi All In One Milk and David Mallett Hair Serum #DM027 before spritzing wet hair with Less Is More Elderflower Salt Spray, which, she adds, “doesn’t dry it out.”

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