Anmol Singh

Trading will never go out fashion, it has always been in trend and always will be and this fact might have encouraged Mr. Anmol Singh to start a platform that would encourage others to get involved into this segment. In 2015, Mr. Anmol Singh finally decided to launch “” that he dreamt of in his college days which eventually turned out to be a immense success by ranking #1 Trading Education firm for three consecutive years in a row. During this time interval, he has acted like a mentor to more than thousands of traders and investors across the globe and guided them to a successful trading career which eventually helped him master the Trading Psychology space where he taught others to manage Psychological and behavioral issues that rises when high stakes are on the line.


He guides the students of the firm and also provides financial assistance to them. Apart from all this, Mr. Anmol keeps keen interest entrepreneurial ventures and franchise stores in the automotive sector in addition to Real Estate.


#>Hello Anmol, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

— Trading has always been close to my heart but it was the first year of my college when I actually started implementing my knowledge practically. From the start till date Trade has helped me build logic and plan things accordingly for best results. It has helped me generate profits and for myself as well as for the investors.

#>What are your focus areas and why?

–I am focused on stocks, forex markets, online Social media industry and Real Estate investment opportunities as I find them always in trends, all these field can never go off the trends


#>How do you describe “LiveTraders” in few words?

–“” is basically a platform for all the traders who are looking to build a career out of it. We at provide users with well equipped modern techniques in a world class live trading room where members get to trade alongside us live each day. They have the opportunity to see watch the screen and hear our audio while we all are trading, this helps them get in-depth knowledge of the whole process, not only that as we also provide the financial support required in exchange for a percentage of what you will make trading with us.

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