Famous Russian Scientists and their Discoveries

Russia is the native country of many renowned scientists. They made discoveries in various fields, from physics to ophthalmology, and also found practical application of their theories. People across the world use their inventions.

1. Mikhail Lomonosov Lomonosov made many discoveries in various fields: he is regarded as the first to discover the law of mass conservation (1760) and to establish mechanistic caloric theory and the chemistry of minerals and glass. Lomonosov is the founder of Russia’s first classical university – Moscow State University (1755).

Famous Russian Scientists and their Discoveries

2. Nikolay Lobachevsky The founder of hyperbolic geometry (1829) which was later recognized as a valid alternative to Euclidean geometry. Graduated from Kazan University where he later held the position of professor and then rector.

Famous Russian Scientists and their Discoveries


3. Pafnuty Chebyshev Made several breakthrough discoveries in mechanics and mathematics. Chebyshev designed over 40 mechanisms still used in the modern automotive industry and instrumentation.
Pafnuty Chebyshev


4. Sofia Kovalevskaya Made a series of discoveries in mathematics. She was awarded the Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for her thesis on integrable rigid body motion (1888).
Sofia Kovalevskaya


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