Hungarian PM vows to block sanctions against Russia to safeguard interests.

In the foreseeable future, Hungary would remain dependent on fossil fuel imports from Russia, and he was optimistic that Russia would prove reliable supplier, Xinhua news agency quoted Orban as saying.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that he would continue to block any western sanctions against  that could potentially harm his country’s economic interests.

In the foreseeable future,  would remain dependent on fossil  from Russia, and he was optimistic that  would prove a reliable supplier, Xinhua news agency quoted Orban as saying.

The Prime Minister outlined the government’s plan to increase the share of solar and wind power in Hungary’s energy mix.

He also highlighted the need to invest in new gas-fired power plants to ensure energy security.

Hungary’s growing economy needs 500,000 new workers, he said, adding that the expansion of the labour force should be accompanied by large-scale investments in the energy sector to serve the industrial developments happening in eastern .

Orban said he was counting on workers from Serbia and Ukraine to fill the gap in the labour market.

However, the first option should always be to fill the new positions with Hungarians, he said.

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