//Journalist Ivan Golunov’s drug planters sentenced to 12 years

Journalist Ivan Golunov’s drug planters sentenced to 12 years

The state prosecutor solicited sentences from seven to 16 years to former police investigators who were accused of planting drugs to journalist Ivan Golunov.
Prosecutor Tatyana Parshintseva asked to punish former police officers accused of illegal detention and planting drugs to Meduza journalist (the publication is included on the list of foreign agents) Ivan Golunov, in the form of imprisonment for terms from seven to 16 years.
For Igor Lyakhovets, the former chief of the drug control department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for Moscow’s Western Autonomous District, the state prosecutor asked a prison term of 16 years. For police officers Akbar Sergaliev, Maxim Umetbaev, Roman Feofanov — 12 years each. For Denis Konovalov — the only person, who pleaded guilty — the prosecutor asked for seven years in prison.