//Putin’s article on WWII leaves Russian historians disappointed

Putin’s article on WWII leaves Russian historians disappointed

Russian President Vladimir Putin penned an article about the reasons for the outbreak of World War II. Putin’s article was published in the Rossiiskaya Gazeta (The Russian Newspaper) and in the US-based magazine The National Interest.
The article is quite lengthy and it would be is incorrect to say that the Russian leader focuses on only one thesis. Here are some of them:
The Soviet Union contributed most to the destruction of Nazism;

It is unfair to claim that it was the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that triggered World War II. All leading countries are responsible for its outbreak to a certain extent;

Russia calls on all countries to expedite the declassification of prewar and military archives;

Some European politicians, Polish in particular, are trying to sweep the Munich Agreement under the carpet, which led to the division of Poland;

Irresponsible calls to deprive permanent members of the Security Council of the veto right.

Pravda.Ru asked historians to give their opinion about Putin’s article.