//Russian boxer dies in USA after lethal fight

Russian boxer dies in USA after lethal fight

Former Russian boxer Konstantin Tszyu said that he was very upset with the news about the death of boxer Maxim Dadashev, who died on July 23 in the United States. “How did this happen? Maybe it was dehydration or something. The trainer should have sensed the moment, he should have stopped the fight,” Tszyu said.In his opinion, the team should carefully observe the condition of their athlete. “There must have been certain preconditions for what has happened, how he was doing the weights, whether there was dehydration, all this must be taken into account. (…) I was not familiar with Maxim, but for me it is a very difficult feeling,” the former boxer said.Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died at a hospital in the United States on July 23. Dadashev’s acquaintance said that the 28-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest. The boxer was hospitalized after he lost a fight to Sabriel Matias of Puerto Rico on July 20th. The fight was stopped during the 11th round, when Dadashev missed a series of punches, and the team of the Russian boxer decided to stop the fight. His trainer Buddy McGirt had tried to convince Dadashev to stop, but by the 11th round the boxer could hardly understand what the team wanted from him. He could only make signs of negation. After the fight Dadashev became sick, he started vomiting and eventually lost consciousness. The Russian was hospitalized in critical condition. He was diagnosed with severe cerebral edema. The athlete underwent a cranial trepanation surgery, after which he was induced into a coma.Dadashev debuted in professional boxing in 2016. He had never lost a fight prior to the fight against Matthias, having thus scored 13 consecutive victories.
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