//Russians say how much they need for comfortable life

Russians say how much they need for comfortable life

Almost half of Russians (47 percent) believe that a monthly amount of 40-70 thousand rubles ($550-950) would be sufficient for a normal quality of life, including savings, The Vedomosti newspaper wrote with reference to opinion polls conducted by Rosgosstrakh insurance company. 
The amount of income below 40,000 rubles ($550) per month would be enough for 21.4 percent of respondents.
As many as 19.6 percent of respondents said that they would be happy with 70-100 thousand rubles ($970-1,400) a month, whereas 6.9 percent said that they would be satisfied with 100-150 thousand rubles ($1,400-2,100) a month.

As many as 5.2 percent say that they would need to get up to 150,000 rubles a month to be able to save some money and enjoy a desired quality of life. 

Financial expectations were the highest among residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The study also showed that men were more likely to strive for a higher income than women. Russians aged 30-49 mostly opt for an income from 70 to 100 thousand rubles.