//Russia’s new space rocket does not fly into space, but its price does

Russia’s new space rocket does not fly into space, but its price does

Representatives of the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos explained the high cost of the Angara-A5 space vehicle. As it turns out, the high price of Russia’s new rocket is based on the fact that it is assembled in two cities – Moscow and Omsk. When mass production is launched, the price will become close to the market level.
Angara rocket is expensive as space

It was reported that one Angara-A5 rocket costs seven billion rubles. However, it was said that its cost would be cut nearly twice when its serial production is launched in Omsk – to four billion rubles. At the same time, the new rocket would still be 1.5 times more expensive than the Proton booster rocket. As explained by the press service of the state-owned corporation Roscosmos, “flight design tests for the Angara-A5 heavy-class launch vehicle will soon be resumed.” “During the trials, the Angara-A5 is produced piecewise. During the stage of serial production, the price will near the market value,” the press service of the space agency said.
For the time being, while the manufacturing process remains distributed between two Russian cities, production costs remain high as engineers work on two sites.