//Ways to reduce stress in our daily lives

Ways to reduce stress in our daily lives

Stress is a natural part of daily life, and in many cases, it’s unavoidable. However, even when it’s unavoidable, it can be properly managed with the right strategies. 
Why stress management matters

In its best form, stress is something we experience to prepare us for difficult situations. When stress hormones are released, they equip us with the alertness and energy we need to deal with difficult problems. However, excessive levels of stress and long-term stress can be extremely harmful for your health. 
The short-term effects of stress can make you irritable and/or distracted, and may make it difficult to remain attentive or productive when you need to be. Long-term, stress can accumulate, eventually increasing your blood pressure, increasing your risk of heart disease, reducing the quality of your sleep, and producing a host of other negative health effects.