//Working remotely: How to improve productivity for virtual teams

Working remotely: How to improve productivity for virtual teams

Virtual teams have the potential to be far more productive than teams that are located in the same physical office. But in order for that to happen, you have to get the fundamentals in order.
Multiply the Benefits of Remote Work

Prior to the pandemic, there was this assumption that the work-from-home setup was prone to abuse. But if this new remote work movement has shown us anything, it’s that sleeping in, sweatpants, mid-day video game sessions, and hangouts with friends are not staples of working from home. In fact, research suggests that remote workers may actually be more productive. 
According to a two-year study of 500 employees at a massive organization, remote work actually improves employee productivity by an astounding 13 percent. Furthermore, it cuts attrition in half and saves the company roughly $2,000 per employee on rent alone.